• The A.C.T.S. of The Church

    This is a simple process of discipleship for any church

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    A= Attraction

    This starts outside of the church building with people from the congregation living for Christ!

    During the seminar on "Assimilation" or connecting people to your church, we will help your congregation understand the importance of doing life outside of the building and how they can "attract" people to Christ.

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    Connecting people to Christ, the church and connecting the congregation to the community is important to developing a strong "faith community." Matthew 28

    This begins with training the congregation about The Great Commission and following Christ. In this portion of the seminar, we discuss strategy for outreach and ministry to the community.

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    Transformation is the next step after connecting and involves "change." II Peter 1:3-11

    It involves developing healthy relationships within the context of "faith" and teaching from the scriptures.

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    Once a person becomes a part of the church, is connected to the community of faith, and transformed by the teaching....They become equipped to ministry effectively to others

    This segment of the seminar discusses how the church can develop a practical way to commissioning its people to fulfill the Commands of Christ and work with, friends, and even family members to attract them to Christ and His Church!