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How you Lead impacts everyone!!!

There is one thing that we have learned and continue to learn each day. This "one thing" will not eliminate fear, nor will it take away confrontation. It will in fact demonstrate honesty, openness, and build integrity in character.

Positive Character depends upon the stability of a persons belief, which is why this "one thing" makes a person a stand out among others. Positive character takes time to develop, as does this "one thing."

You may say: "What is this "one thing?" It is this: "Doing what is right, when it is right, because it is the right thing to do!" When leaders choose to do what is right even when it is the hard thing to do.... When leaders choose to do what is right even when everyone else thinks about doing the very thing that will prolong the inevitable... When leaders do whats right in spite of the culture telling them something different that in the long run will not be effective nor help those involved... DO THE RIGHT THING!